At 5:15 PM -0600 2002/03/02, Christopher C. Stump wrote:
>I was wondering if there is any way I could find out what parts of the
>AMX kernel are used by Palm OS 3.x .
>I would like to figure out which tasks of the AMX kernel are included in
>the "preconfigured collection" used by Palm. Is this information
>publically available? If so, where? I've contacted Kadak, they had
>nothing helpful to say...

The Palm OS uses AMX tasks, timers, semaphores, mailboxes, and signal groups. Nothing 
too complex... we wanted to keep it simple to enable easier porting to other kernels 
(which we've done in Palm OS 5) and because at the time AMX was chosen, there was no 
need for more sophisticated features.

If you need more detailed info, please e-mail me off-list.


Jim Schram
PalmSource Inc.
Partner Engineering

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