On Sep 27 2003, Autrijus Tang wrote:

?b 六, 2003-09-27 17:28, Barrie Slaymaker ?g?D?G
> It's a binary install hidden from me by PAR-0.75's Makefile.PL
> magic :).

Oh. Yes, the prebuilt pardists are indeed compiled with VC++ 6.0 on
win2k.  I wonder if it'd be better if I change the build platform to

Dunno; I'm getting failures on Win2K as well, so who knows?

I haven't dug in to see what can generate a "Failed to spawn" message
with no error.  perl.exe must be generating that message, but how
can it tell that the spawn failed?

The fact that parl.exe and vcp.exe both exhibit this behavior from
the command line makes me suspect some kind of very primitive startup
issue in the basic .exe.  How do those .exes differ from normal
C++ .exes?

Do you have access to a VC++ there?

Not yet, but I can see it in my future. We use Borland tools as much as possible, but I have a client that may want us to port a messaging library to build under both Borland and VC++, not sure.

Maybe it's time to seriously
investigate switching to MinGW as the default compiler...


- Barrie

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