I apoligise if this message doesn't get posted to the
par mailing list correctly - I'm trying here...

I, too, had problems with parl.exe not spawning.  I am
running Windows XP Pro (WinXP WinXPPro), and I have
MSVC++ installed.  I am using ActiveState's perl. 
Whenever I tried to generate things with pp, I would
get this error (Can't spawn parl.exe: No error at
c:\Perl\bin\pp line 372), and a nice little MS window
would pop up asking me if I wanted to debug, etc.

Even better, if I ran "parl.exe", it would immediately
crash, giving me the same window, but no error

Finally, I used ppm to "install par", and -lo and
behold!-, it seems to be working.  I guess it couldn't
find Par.pm and was dying.

Hope my experience helps!!


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