Hi -- 

I have been working with PAR on WinXP (home) and
encoutnering flaky problems: sometimes pp runs,
sometimes it doesn't (same source file, no changes);
sometimes the resulting .exe file runs, sometimes it
doesn't (no changes to .exe).  

When I say "doesn't run", I get no errors, just a
quick and silent return to the command prompt.  These
scripts are verbose and chatter quite a bit -- there
is no mode in which they run silently.

The scripts are a bit complex: they rely on the
environment @INC pointing to the right library dir for
the application; they examine their own @INC to
determine where they are running, etc. 

However, I think the problem lies with XP, or the
XP--PAR interaction, not with PAR or the script--PAR

Specifically, if I click "properties" on the .exe and
set "Win95 Compatibility Mode", the .exe's function
normally, repeatedly, consistently.

Does anyone have any advice about this?  

[1] What is going on here?

[2] If the compatibility mode will truly fix my
problem, is there a way to set the flag through perl
under winxp?  (I have a script that runs PAR on a list
of other perl scripts and moves the resulting .exe to
the right location on the network.  Manually having to
click "Win95" mode on each bundled .exe would prohibit
me from having my desired automatic automated
publish-bundled-binaries.pl script.)

Thanks for the advice!


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