Hi all,

I have a csv file for plotting the temperature. Its columns are (x,y,z,T).
This grid is an irregular mesh generated from Adaptive Mesh Refinement.

I tried to plot it with Table to Structured Grid because I want do some iso
volume filter afterwards. No matter how did I tried the "Whole Extent",
even followed previous paraview example athttp://www.paraview.org/pipe
rmail/paraview/2009-October/013948.html, I always got something like:
*ERROR: In ..\..\..\src\VTK\Graphics\vtkTableToStructuredGrid.cxx, line*
* 96 ** vtkPTableToStructuredGrid (0A195768): The input table must have
exactly** 1 ** rows. Currently it has 4 rows.*

The Table to Point works totally fine. I guess that I don't really
understand how to estimate the 3 "Whole Extent". The example at
http://www.paraview.org/pipermail/paraview/2009-October/013948.html does
not tell how you get Whole Extent (0, 149), (0, 151), (0, 2)?

Hope someone could give a more detail example! My CSV file is 30MB, and
could not be attached in this email.

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