I am writing some instructional material for my users and am working on 
"Interactive Selection".    As I try to write this I realize that the rules for 
+/- Selection are confusing to me.    Can someone verify that what I'm doing is 
the intended behavior.

If I Click on "Select Cells Through" or "Select Points Through", then Add 
Selection and Subtract Selection are greyed out and not available.  There are 
instances where I want to combine "Select Cells On", "Select Cells by Polygon", 
and "Select Cells Through" to finetune my final selection - similar for Points.

Add/Subtract don't seem to work between all of the interactive selection 
methods, which is what I would intuitively expect:

For example - click on Add Selection - it will remain highlighted thru the 
following actions:
     click on Select Cells On - now you can select cells
     click again on "Select Cells On" - you can select more cells that are 
added to the previous selection
     click on "Select Cells with Polygon" - you can select more cells that are 
added to the previous selection.
     click on "Select Block" - block is selected and all previously selected 
cells are unselected
     click again on "Select Block" - new block is selected and added to 
previous selection
     clock on "Select Cells On" - new cells are selected and previous selection 
is discarded.

The two things which don't seem intuitive are:

Why are "Select Cells/Points Through" not using Add Selection - in many cases 
it is necessary to select using different interactive methods to get the final 
desired selection.

Should Select Block be divided into "Select Block Cells" and "Select Block 
Points" so that this selection method could be combined with Select 
Cells/Points On/Through with the "Add Selection" to finetune a selection.    
Alternately should "Select Block" be smarter and only select Block Cells if the 
current Selection is Cells, or only select Block Points if the current 
Selection is Points (and add them to the existing selection instead of 
replacing it?

I realize I may be missing something here, so I'm really just asking for 
someone to clue me in if I am.

Thanks for any insight
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