Hi pass Team,

first and foremost, thanks for this great tool!
We are currently using it at several client projects for storing shared team 
secrets like production credentials.

This also means, that a rather often use-case is to call pass on different 
password directories. Setting PASSWORD_STORE_DIR individually for every call 
sometimes feels a bit awkward and let here and there even to mistakes.

So I wan't to implement and submit a patch that basically implements the same 
'Change Dir' functionality as it has been done for 'make' and 'git'.

Both tools allow to specify the optional working dir with -C in front of the 
actual command. For example:

`git -C ~/dev/dotfiles status`


`make -C ./build test`

Wouldn't it be great if pass could provide the same interface:

`pass -C ./secrets show production/database_password`

instead of

`PASSWORD_STORE_DIR=./secrets pass show production/database_password`

If you think this would be a valuable extension, I would happily provide a 
patch for that.

By the way, do you have any guidelines for submitting patches? I skimmed the 
pass website but could not find any.

Thanks in advance!

Jakob Holderbaum

  http://jakob.io/ | ja...@holderbaum.io

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