On 18/09/2016 12:52, Jakob Holderbaum wrote:
Both tools allow to specify the optional working dir with -C in front of the 
actual command. For example:

`git -C ~/dev/dotfiles status`


`make -C ./build test`

Wouldn't it be great if pass could provide the same interface:

`pass -C ./secrets show production/database_password`

Another option I would like to see is to be able to use multiple git repos within the tree. This could then be combined with symlinks: e.g.

.password_store/secrets -> /home/me/secrets
.password_store/customer1 -> /home/me/customers/one/password_store

Then you could do:

pass show secrets/production/database_password

as if it were were a single pass tree (but actually commits would take place within secrets/.git)



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