Quoting Jakob Holderbaum (2016-09-18 13:52:19)
> We are currently using it at several client projects for storing
> shared team secrets like production credentials.
> This also means, that a rather often use-case is to call pass on
> different password directories. Setting PASSWORD_STORE_DIR
> individually for every call sometimes feels a bit awkward and let here
> and there even to mistakes.
> So I wan't to implement and submit a patch that basically implements
> the same 'Change Dir' functionality as it has been done for 'make' and
> 'git'.

There where similar questions on the list before (can't give you the
link right now, you have to search the archives yourself) but one
proposed solution was to define aliases in your shell:

alias pass-team1='PASSWORD_STORE_DIR=/somewhere/team1 pass'
alias pass-team2='PASSWORD_STORE_DIR=/somewhere/team2 pass'

Or you can use subfolders in PASSWORD_STORE_DIR with different gpg ids
and use something like git subtree or submodule to manage that (just in
case you did not know, see man page).


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