I'm not sure about being able to do what you're talking about. I do believe 
there is an NVDA add-on for Audacity but I could be wrong. I can't seem to find 
it but I heard there was one.

I hope I helped a bit. Best,
Jesse Tregarthen
On 2016-10-15, at 1:36 PM, Gerardo Corripio wrote:

> HI listers, especially Audacity fans/users
> Any good/comprehensive Audacity tutorials/audios to see if that's what I'm 
> looking for in a recording program? I record 2 online radio programs, thus 
> what I'm looking for is something like what I'll describe below:
> 1.-I have the main file to which I'll record my voice on which we'll call 
> File1;
> 2.-Before I record, I'd like to start playing the Intro song of the program 
> (it's in File2 so I open File2 and begin playing the song), after which I'd 
> return to File1 so when I get to the point where I'd like to begin talking, 
> speak, thus I'm wanting to all this come out on my Voice file which we'll 
> call File1.
> 2.-Then I'm recording away, and in File3 there's another track which I'd like 
> to lay, so I open File3, play, return to File1 and when I feel it's the right 
> time, I record my voice in File1, coming out in File1 my Voice and the music.
> In GoldWave this can't be done, thus needing to record the entire program 
> first, then when I get to the spots where I'm wanting to mix in the audio 
> music, via the Mix command, thus I wonder with Audacity this step and be 
> avoided? Also does Audacity have commands to place beginning/ending markers 
> to mark what needs to be deleted, or manipulated like with GoldWave? Also 
> does Audacity have some sort of NVDA AddOn? Thanks for any info you guys 
> might have on this subject.
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