I can't really follow the steps numbered below, but it looks like a rather simple project for Audacity, using the "track" menu to begin tracks at different points. You also may benefit from "auto ducking" in the effects menu. Yes, of course you can set markers in Audacity and work exclusively on that marked section. You need to make sure the track says that it is selected by, if necessary, pressing Enter on it. You then mark off the section with the left and right square brackets.

Rich De Steno

On 10/18/2016 2:27 AM, Jesse Tregarthen wrote:

I'm not sure about being able to do what you're talking about. I do believe 
there is an NVDA add-on for Audacity but I could be wrong. I can't seem to find 
it but I heard there was one.

I hope I helped a bit. Best,
Jesse Tregarthen
On 2016-10-15, at 1:36 PM, Gerardo Corripio wrote:

HI listers, especially Audacity fans/users
Any good/comprehensive Audacity tutorials/audios to see if that's what I'm 
looking for in a recording program? I record 2 online radio programs, thus what 
I'm looking for is something like what I'll describe below:
1.-I have the main file to which I'll record my voice on which we'll call File1;
2.-Before I record, I'd like to start playing the Intro song of the program 
(it's in File2 so I open File2 and begin playing the song), after which I'd 
return to File1 so when I get to the point where I'd like to begin talking, 
speak, thus I'm wanting to all this come out on my Voice file which we'll call 
2.-Then I'm recording away, and in File3 there's another track which I'd like 
to lay, so I open File3, play, return to File1 and when I feel it's the right 
time, I record my voice in File1, coming out in File1 my Voice and the music.
In GoldWave this can't be done, thus needing to record the entire program 
first, then when I get to the spots where I'm wanting to mix in the audio 
music, via the Mix command, thus I wonder with Audacity this step and be 
avoided? Also does Audacity have commands to place beginning/ending markers to 
mark what needs to be deleted, or manipulated like with GoldWave? Also does 
Audacity have some sort of NVDA AddOn? Thanks for any info you guys might have 
on this subject.

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