No, the H1 doesn't have a Pre-record buffer but i'm sure some of the other Zoom models do.

The H1 for waht it is presents a very basic audio recorder designed to do a job and do it very well, record audio at a very bargain basement price though there's nothing bargain basement about the recordings theZoom H1 makes.

On 11/10/2017 11:43 AM, Hamit Campos wrote:
I could be wrong but I believe the H1 has pre record too. I'll have to re listen to Neal's podcast. By the way for the person who started this thread define accessable. These recorders are cirtainly usable as Neal and Dain and others use them. But you must be able to deal with remembering menus remembering where you are at what time, and deal with the fact that there's no sound period at all. I just bring this up cause I sometimes turn off the beeps on my LS-14 i almost said 100. I wish I had a 100. But anyways I turn off the beeps on the 14 and I sometimes can get thrown off by not hearing anything. I guess in a sence I've been spoiled by using stuff like a Plextalk most of the time. So yeah let's not forget what 1 person calls accessible may not be to someone else.

On 11/9/2017 3:23 PM, Dane Trethowan wrote:
The whole point of these digital recorders is to “Record” audio and then use with a computer afterwards if necessary for editing, organisation, tweaking of Audio characteristics and so on. All the recorders I have - Zoom H1, Sony PCM-d50 and Olympus DM4 - have capabilities to create new files on the fly or mark positions within the file at the push of a button. As far as I know the PCM-d50 is the only recorder I own with the “Pre-Record Buffer” which is dead handy when you’re making live recordings, never miss a thing! Good luck if you can find a Sony PCM-d50 <smile>. And if you do find one then you’ve certainly struck gold!

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On 9 Nov 2017, at 11:49 pm, Fanus <> wrote:

Hello Dane & list
Does one get an accessible digital recorder with editing capabilities. A friend of mine is a member of a choir. The choir master records the songs for her but everytime she makes a mistake she must start from scratch resulting in the creation of a new file.  They are looking for a recorder which allows for stopping the recording and rewind to just before the error and then resume. Does one get such a recorder? I suppose it could be handy for lawyers and doctors.

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