Hi again Joe.

Here is the Sendspace download link for Neil Ewars's podcast on the Olympus 14

Download link:


Very best wishes.

From Scotland with Love.
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Hi Joe.

Do you use Sendspace?

I've got Neil Ewars podcasts on most of these devices and will upload the Olympus one right now to Sendspace.

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Does anybody know the where abouts of a podcast on the ls14?  I have the
pdf manual, but would welcome some usefull instructions and tips.

Thank you.
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No, the H1 doesn't have a Pre-record buffer but i'm sure some of the other Zoom models do.

The H1 for waht it is presents a very basic audio recorder designed to do a job and do it very well, record audio at a very bargain basement price though there's nothing bargain basement about the recordings theZoom H1 makes.

On 11/10/2017 11:43 AM, Hamit Campos wrote:
> I could be wrong but I believe the H1 has pre record too. I'll have to > > re listen to Neal's podcast. By the way for the person who started > > this thread define accessable. These recorders are cirtainly usable as > > Neal and Dain and others use them. But you must be able to deal with > > remembering menus remembering where you are at what time, and deal > > with the fact that there's no sound period at all. I just bring this > > up cause I sometimes turn off the beeps on my LS-14 i almost said 100. > > I wish I had a 100. But anyways I turn off the beeps on the 14 and I > > sometimes can get thrown off by not hearing anything. I guess in a > > sence I've been spoiled by using stuff like a Plextalk most of the > > time. So yeah let's not forget what 1 person calls accessible may not > > be to someone else.
> On 11/9/2017 3:23 PM, Dane Trethowan wrote:
>> The whole point of these digital recorders is to “Record” audio and >> >> then use with a computer afterwards if necessary for editing, >> >> organisation, tweaking of Audio characteristics and so on. >> All the recorders I have - Zoom H1, Sony PCM-d50 and Olympus DM4 - >> >> have capabilities to create new files on the fly or mark positions >> >> within the file at the push of a button. >> As far as I know the PCM-d50 is the only recorder I own with the >> >> “Pre-Record Buffer” which is dead handy when you’re making live >> >> recordings, never miss a thing! >> Good luck if you can find a Sony PCM-d50 <smile>. And if you do find >> >> one then you’ve certainly struck gold!
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>>> On 9 Nov 2017, at 11:49 pm, Fanus <buys.fa...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Hello Dane & list
>>> Does one get an accessible digital recorder with editing >>> >>> capabilities. A friend of mine is a member of a choir. The choir >>> >>> master records the songs for her but everytime she makes a mistake >>> >>> she must start from scratch resulting in the creation of a new >>> >>> file. They are looking for a recorder which allows for stopping >>> the >>> recording and rewind to just before the error and then >>> resume. Does >>> one get such a recorder? I suppose it could be >>> handy for lawyers and >>> doctors.
>>> Regards
>>> Fanus
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