Apologies as I didn’t know you had an Amazon Echo but that’s as far as the apology goes. Remembering skills? I have skills on my Amazon Echo and yes, its probably not used as much as yours would be given the Amazon echo is not fully supported in Australia but I do indeed know what skills I have on my system and - if I’m in any doubt - then I can look up and manage what I have installed on the Amazon Echo web page. I don’t buy the argument about small company’s and lack of resources these days, I’ve been using hearing instruments for over 30 years and - over that time - the price has changed radically along with the technology which suggests to me that - unlike Humanware - small company’s in the hearing instruments market - once again a very small and specialist market - want to put their clients - those who have hearing difficulty’s and need to use their products - first. In recent years of course we’ve seen a huge shift in the hearing instruments market to using the instrument as such as a secondary device and something more substantial - Mobile phone - as the primary processing device which in tern has both brought more power to the instrument and brought the price down. I’m not suggesting for one moment that the latter point of using two devices be used in the case of Humanware as one “Stand-Alone” device is what’s required here however Humanware are not acknowleding changing technology, not keeping up with the mainstream.
Accessibility should be all and not just for a few.

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Yes, I have an Amazon echo. It’s of limited utility in my opinion, partly because although there are so many skills, finding them and then remembering what you have is well, not easy. But I do have one. Now why would I want to repeat that whole thing with a device from humanware, which, given the small market, would probably cost at least twice or three times as much? Who is argument is ridiculous here? Add voice input to something for sure. But for a small company like humanware to make a single use voice activated speaker would be the height of stupid.

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That argument is just ridiculous, have you ever used an Amazon Echo or a Google home? you can only interact with those devices the one way, with your voice!

Obviously you use an App or a Web Page to set these devices up but once that's done? Well you either talk and use the device or you fall silent and the device drops dead too.

On 11/10/2017 7:59 AM, Mary Otten wrote:
I never said that voice input wouldn't be good, just that having it as
the sole method would not be a good idea; not at all practical.


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