Good point you make about those seconds wasting time. 
Today, so much time can be wasted deleting crap emails or social media
stuff, that wastes time in business or study.
Especially as it takes us longer to identify a not wanted message than a
sighted person.

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Hey Mary,
You are so perfectly right, and to tell you the truth it's not only blind
people who feels this way.
But fascion is playing many of it's tricks on people you know.
Also a dedicated device for special needs is wonderful.
For example with a Victor you don't really need to care about power loss or
battery drainage.
Charge it once every second day, and you can read on and on as long as you
Also manipulating the audio is a time consuming process. Lets say you need
to go to a certain page in a daisy book with touch, or find a special fraze.
This is technically speaking possible, but will always and I mean always
take much longer with touch then with regular keys.
If you're a student and is planning to study for 5 years these seconds
becoming minutes becoming hours, becoming days, actually counts against the
biological human clock, and would be a great unnecessary waist of precious
Yes off course I do own the app Voice Dream Reader, and loves it, but
believe me. I use my Stream 95 % of the time instead.
I could use my nice Hims U2, and honestly don't know why I don't. Maybe
because of it's size. But this little handy pocket device feels more like
reading a real book then using apps for all purposes in life. :-)

Best regards

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More to go wrong or more to enable more people to use the device.  I don't
own one, but I still know plenty of blind folks who do much better with
buttons than with touch; were thaIf you're a student and is planning to
study for 5 years these seconds being minutes becoming hours becoming days
actually count t not true, HumanWare wouldn't make this stuff.


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