Yes you’re right Brian but they should have put better hardware into the stream.
I have had my for repair once and i think it needs to go on repair again.

> 9 nov. 2017 kl. 22:14 skrev Brian Olesen <br...@blindkom.dk>:
> Hey Mary,
> You are so perfectly right, and to tell you the truth it's not only blind
> people who feels this way.
> But fascion is playing many of it's tricks on people you know.
> Also a dedicated device for special needs is wonderful.
> For example with a Victor you don't really need to care about power loss or
> battery drainage.
> Charge it once every second day, and you can read on and on as long as you
> like.
> Also manipulating the audio is a time consuming process. Lets say you need
> to go to a certain page in a daisy book with touch, or find a special fraze.
> This is technically speaking possible, but will always and I mean always
> take much longer with touch then with regular keys.
> If you're a student and is planning to study for 5 years these seconds
> becoming minutes becoming hours, becoming days, actually counts against the
> biological human clock, and would be a great unnecessary waist of precious
> time.
> Yes off course I do own the app Voice Dream Reader, and loves it, but
> believe me. I use my Stream 95 % of the time instead.
> I could use my nice Hims U2, and honestly don't know why I don't. Maybe
> because of it's size. But this little handy pocket device feels more like
> reading a real book then using apps for all purposes in life. :-)
> Best regards
> Brian
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> Emne: Re: Humanwear Victor Reader Stream Trekagainst the biological human
> clock.
> More to go wrong or more to enable more people to use the device.  I don't
> own one, but I still know plenty of blind folks who do much better with
> buttons than with touch; were thaIf you're a student and is planning to
> study for 5 years these seconds being minutes becoming hours becoming days
> actually count t not true, HumanWare wouldn't make this stuff.
> Mary

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