I would agree with this, but then again, my email provider is very good at filtering out spam. Making allowances for my fallible memory, it's possible that some came through, but it couldn't be a lot. I don't post here often, but I also like reading about audio equipment, even if I don't plan to buy any particular item.

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I guess my ISP must have a good Spam filter because I don't recall seeing
any on this list.
I, too, have been on the list quite a while. Although the traffic isn't
steady, it is nice to have a place where I know my audio-related questions
will get answered. I guess I could live with the list disappearing if
someone could post subscription info for other lists where our audio
questions are welcome. I hope such an animal exists.

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Ladies and gentlemen,

I am seriously considering terminating the pc audio list.
There is very little traffic on the list but a lot of spam. Also, with the
advent of DMARC I have no idea who is or is not receiving list messages.

I could take the list to Google Groups or some other commercial e-mailing
list if there is enough interest, or, maybe some one else would be
interested taking on administration duties of the list. There is a cost for
the domain name and web space.

Jonathan Mosen started the list almost twenty years ago and it might have
out lived it's usefulness.

Comments are welcome. Best to contact me directly.


Thank you,

Tom Dimeo

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