where can I subscribe.....to for pc audio stuff if this list will be closing?
At 03:54 PM 11/14/2017, you wrote:
There are at least two very good blind tech lists on groups.io where
PC audio questions are asked and answered every day.


On 11/14/17, Tom Kaufman <tomca...@comcast.net> wrote:
> I have to agree with Norma here; once in a while, I've seen stuff like a
> message (supposedly from a subscriber) the message usually has a lin it
> (and
> of course I would never click on it) but this hasn't happened in a while!
> While it might not be the end of the world if this list goes away, I hope
> it
> doesn't, for it is nice to know that if we have an audio-rrelated computer
> question, there's a place we can go to possibly get our questions answered!
> Tom Kaufman
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> Boge
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> I guess my ISP must have a good Spam filter because I don't recall seeing
> any on this list.
> I, too, have been on the list quite a while. Although the traffic isn't
> steady, it is nice to have a place where I know my audio-related questions
> will get answered. I guess I could live with the list disappearing if
> someone could post subscription info for other lists where our audio
> questions are welcome. I hope such an animal exists.
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> Dimeo
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> Subject: List Termination
> Ladies and gentlemen,
> I am seriously considering terminating the pc audio list.
> There is very little traffic on the list but a lot of spam. Also, with the
> advent of DMARC I have no idea who is or is not receiving list messages.
> I could take the list to Google Groups or some other commercial e-mailing
> list if there is enough interest, or, maybe some one else would be
> interested taking on administration duties of the list. There is a cost for
> the domain name and web space.
> Jonathan Mosen started the list almost twenty years ago and it might have
> out lived it's usefulness.
> Comments are welcome. Best to contact me directly.
> t...@pc-audio.org
> Thank you,
> Tom Dimeo

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