> PD 0.47-2, Windows 7 64 bit

you mean pd 0.47-1 right?

> did anybody experience this as well ?

i dont have windows to test this

i downloaded the cyclone 0.2 beta package with deken.
> the older pd-extended version (also from deken) works fine.

The older pd-extended version available in deken ( cyclone-extendedv0.0) is
version alpha 56, and is the one present in Pd Extended 0.43-4

After that, Fred Jan did release and alpha 57 version and the 0.2 beta
(this one also available in deken).

If I'm not mistaken, the 0.2 beta has a newer version of the coll object
which was actually provided by Ivica from Pd-L2ork.

Unfortunately i dont know the details of what was done, maybe they can help
on that. But it sure looks like this bug was introduced.

I hope other windows users can replicate this bug.

Well, Purr Data is a new thing on the table, it is a branch from Pd-L2ork
being ported to all operating systems. Please try that.

If the changes from Pd-L2ork that were introduced in cyclone 0.2 beta is
the culprit, we should see the same behaviour on Purr Data's [coll]

Please try Purr Data for windows, i needs testing, and is the thing that's
about to replace good old extended.

And maybe jonathan, who's taking care of Purr Data can help

Me, Derek and Matt have been checking existing issues with cyclone, but we
haven't got to coll yet

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