so, finally checking [coll], the very last object I'm checking from all
cyclone objects, this has taken 7 months of my life so far. And, as usual,
I'm finding a few issues.

2016-09-17 4:55 GMT-03:00 Derek Kwan <>:

> that third outlet seems to work fine to me.

Well, it's not working here either, so I'm confirming the bug. I'm on Mac
OS, so it works only on Linux maybe.

I've noticed something else. There's a 2nd argument in Max coll since the
time of Max 4 - it's a number flag for not loading a given file. This was
never implemented in cyclone, and would come in conflict with the thread
argument idea (which could have been introduced with a flag/attribute
instead of an argument).

well, coll has dozens of messages to check and test, I'll still spend a
couple of weeks on it.

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