Yes - I mentioned Ircam's Modalys and that  paper in my initial post. Because 
modal synthesis is so well known, and well documented, I'm surprised there 
isn't a similar (but free!) pd implementation. Something with abstractions 
instead of externals would be great.

So let's make one. I know it's a bank of resonant bandpasses, but working out 
their relationships based on the modal characteristics of physical shapes seems 
to be key, and abstracting those relationships to friendly controls.

The math in the papers is a bit beyond me but it looks like it's all there. I 
can't tell by looking at it if it's something that would be too hard/annoying 
to do with vanilla.. or if it's describable in a less math heavy way.

Alex - newly compiled versions of the stk would be great! I tried and failed at 
that about a year ago. But the faust implementations compile well from faust to 

> On Aug 6, 2017, at 3:24 AM, cyrille henry <> wrote:
>> :)
>> indeed and i had myself to _pay_ for it, which is something that probably 
>> illustrates the "élégance à la française"
>> jm
> I did not encourage piracy, but since pd patch can't be protected I guess 
> that an anonymous source could leak the files without any trouble.
> cheers
> c
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