Issue opened.

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On 8/11/2017 7:41 PM, Dan Wilcox wrote:
Please open an issue on GH as I can't quite follow what's going on any more. 
Include steps taken, whats was expected to happen, what actually happened, etc.

On Aug 12, 2017, at 12:39 AM, Lucas Cordiviola 
<<>> wrote:

Closing & opening the browser does not reflect the new external added.

ctl+shift+r seems to refresh the browser (if more than 1 column is opened it 
collapses to 1 column).

eventually doing menu file/pref/path and hit cancel, next opening of browser 
reflect the new external.

Mensaje telepatico asistido por maquinas.

On 8/11/2017 7:03 PM, Dan Wilcox wrote:

On Aug 11, 2017, at 11:53 PM, Lucas Cordiviola 
<<>> wrote:

Yes, I'm sure.

ctl+shift+r also can't get the update

Strange. It works fine on macOS. For the key binding to work, the browser has 
to be open and in focus to receive the key bindings. It may not work on Windows 
as the existing global keybinding and/or menu accelerator might mask it. Not a 
huge deal as it's not really documented and I left it in as an extra.

But if i open the menu file/pref/path and hit OK the new path show-up on the 

That is the main addition as the browser did not do this previously.

As before, you can simply close the window (x out) and reopen it which 
reindexes things. The MOD+W key binding however does *not* destroy the window 
but simply hides it, so the list is not re-indexed. This was previous behavior.

Dan Wilcox

Dan Wilcox

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