Christof Ressi wrote:
Check out the following discussion on GitHub:

TL;DR: if you unbind a symbol from a receiver while sending to the symbol, Pd can crash because you modify the bind list while iterating over it.

Personally, I've been using [iem_receive] in some projects and didn't run into problems, but only because I avoid the case described above.

Thanks Christof for the explanation !

@IOhannes: i think this should be noted in the helpfile.

Dynamically destroying objects is even more dangerous ;-)

Bummer ... another thing i do quite often ;-)

Since i am not a programmer: how would i decode that twinkle emoji in your sentence ?

does it mean:

a.) be happy that you survived so far, because you're really on mined territory here ...

b.) i know it's not encouraged, but as long as you don't tell anybody ...

sorry ... getting a little anxious these days ...   ;-)



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