Hmmm, thanks--I finally got testcurs.c to compile (I note that it 
has at least two errors unrelated to pdcurses in it--it couldn't find 
either strlen or isprint, I had to add string.h and ctype.h to get it to 
work)  While I actually have MS-VC++ 5, the instructions were enough 
that I found the settings it needed--it wanted me to enter explicitly 
that it required curses.lib in one of them (I would think that it 
wouldn't be hard to figure out, but I guess there's no standard naming 
convention or something?  It's probably too obvious that I haven't used 
any code that isn't in standard headers before now...)

      I'm not sure that everything in it looks quite right (i.e. after 
it resized the screen, it certainly didn't reset it to normal...) but at 
least I can now fiddle with it on my own.  Thanks :)

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