Mark Hessling wrote:

> > Looking at the Win32 DLL, there is none of the boot functionality linked
> > in! Is this an oversight, or do I have to do something else?
> There is no such symbol of 'boot_Curses' in PDCurses. My guess is that your
> Perl module has been linked with ncurses, and expects ncurses.  You would
> need to rebuild the Perl module and link with the PDCurses import library.

Hi, thanks for the help!

Now that I know what the problem is, I got Ncurses for Cygwin (which I have), which
is probably easier than rebuilding (I don't know how to rebuild a module). I'll get
this sorted out! Do you know where I could get a Perl module for PDCurses?

BTW, just FYI, why I asked about it, I'm working on porting Zigzag (by Ted Nelson)
from Perl into C, and it uses Curses. It'll make debugging things a lot easier if I
can run things under Windows.


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