I just successfully built Curses for Win32 this week.  You can build with
PDCurses.  You need to have stock perl 5.6.x, the ActiveState version will
simply not work.  After building PDCurses, you then need to build the Curses
CPAN module.  This will give you the version of curses.dll (with curses.exp
needed on win32) that can be installed and bootstrapped in Perl.

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> Mark Hessling wrote:
> > > Looking at the Win32 DLL, there is none of the boot functionality
> > > in! Is this an oversight, or do I have to do something else?
> >
> > There is no such symbol of 'boot_Curses' in PDCurses. My guess is that
> > Perl module has been linked with ncurses, and expects ncurses.  You
> > need to rebuild the Perl module and link with the PDCurses import
> Hi, thanks for the help!
> Now that I know what the problem is, I got Ncurses for Cygwin (which I
have), which
> is probably easier than rebuilding (I don't know how to rebuild a module).
I'll get
> this sorted out! Do you know where I could get a Perl module for PDCurses?
> BTW, just FYI, why I asked about it, I'm working on porting Zigzag (by Ted
> from Perl into C, and it uses Curses. It'll make debugging things a lot
easier if I
> can run things under Windows.
> Regards,
> Jeremy.
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