Hello all,

   I've gotten a little more feedback,  and have posted a revised
'real Windows' PDCurses at


   (now up to about 50 KBytes).

   As described in the 'to_do.txt' file,  this includes various fixes.
Mouse movement events are now reported.  I realized that the middle and
right buttons were swapped.  The window now resizes properly,  not
leaving a little partial-character sliver at the right and/or bottom
edges.  Marking text by dragging with the mouse doesn't leave garbage
on the screen anymore,  and flickers less.  If you set the LINES and
COLS environment variables,  they actually get used now.

   Things are looking pretty good for this version,  but there are a
few minor issues (described in 'to_do.txt').  Bug reports/comments
welcome (and my thanks to those who have sent them in thus far).

   Incidentally,  if you've a particular issue to report,  I'd
appreciate it if you can e-mail an executable linked to a DLL.  The
nice thing about that is that I can swap in the Win32 DLL,  or the
SDL one,  or my new DLL,  and see what changes.  I can also fix my
DLL and try it out with your program right away.

-- Bill

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