Hello all,

   I've been working on creating a "for-real" Windows version of
PDCurses.  That is,  instead of using the current Win32 version that
works using a console,  I'm creating a window and drawing text to it
using the GDI and so forth.  It appears to be working Just Fine.  (It
helped,  of course,  that I was able to use much of the original Win32
version,  some of it completely unaltered.  For example,  'pdcclip.c'
didn't change at all.)

   For the nonce,  at least,  I'm calling this 'Win32a',  to distinguish
it from the console-based Win32 version.

   I did this because I wanted a full implementation of PDCurses.  It
has underlining,  side-lining,  bold and italic fonts,  and blinking
text.  It has 256 colors and 256 color pairs.  All mouse events,  including
wheel mice events,  are supported.  You can resize the window by dragging
it with the mouse,  or programmatically with resize_term().  About the only
things that aren't supported are mouse triple-clicks and certain deprecated
alternate character set bits (ALT_S1 through ALT_S9).

   The current source code is at

http://www.projectpluto.com/win32a.zip   (about 35 KBytes)

   Comments/thoughts for improvements are welcome.  Hope it's useful,
or at least interesting,  to somebody other than just me.

   'to_do.txt' in the above ZIP contains some of the following comments,
but I'd like to raise them here... just a few questions that arose in
my mind in the process of writing this code,  and I'm hoping somebody
with more knowledge of Curses can shed some light on them.

   In both this version and the SDL one,  if the user clicks the Close
button,  exit( ) is called.  This seems rather graceless.  It would be
nice if at least the option of perhaps the Close button putting a
KEY_EXIT on the queue would be welcome.  The app would then be
responsible for responding appropriately to that key.

   I think X11 does this same sort of graceless exit.

   Before taking it upon myself to mess around with something this basic,
though,  I thought I'd ask for thoughts from this list.

   Also:  what's the point of invisible text?  I note that A_INVIS = A_ITALIC.
At least for the nonce,  I'm assuming that italic text is more useful than
invisible text (after all,  one can always fake the latter using spaces,
or by setting a color pair where foreground = background).

-- Bill

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