William McBrine wrote:

Actually resizing works in SDL (both kinds -- user-driven and
program-driven). DOS, OS/2 and Win32 console all do program-driven
resizing (i.e. the user can't resize by dragging the window).

   (Groan) I _thought_ that was the way it worked... I tried an SDL
app and couldn't get it to user-resize.  Now it's working just fine.
Dunno how I messed that up.

   I have corrected the Win32a page to mention that the SDL flavor is
user-resizable,  and have also posted fixed code that lets you use
PDC_set_resize_limits() if you want to be Win32a specific,  or use
ttyname[0...3].  All explained on the page.  (Still need to Sourceforge
everything.  That will probably be my next step;  I can't think of
anything I really want/need to do with the code in terms of features
or bug fixes.)

-- Bill

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