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> Hi.  I just joined this list, and I wanted to give feedback on the
> bitbucket mirror. First of all, I think it's a great idea.


> Secondly, I noticed that the difference between the CVS repository and the
> bitbucket one is that the CVS "Id" tags inside the files were not imported.

The conversion was made as a proof of concept. I believe I used
the first method - ConvertExtension from:


I actually like that they were stripped out, but it would be nice if they
> were removed in a final changeset after import - instead of from every
> revision.
> For example, I was trying to compare the win32a code, which seems to have
> come from a fork of CVS prior to the the 2014 changes.  Because it contains
> the Id tags, it's tricky to compare those against files in the bitbucket
> mirror.

There is an open issus to add CVS converter to automated server queue,
but I personally don't have resources to spend time on that
but if there will be some research which way is the the best and most
secure for incremental conversions, I am looking forward to include it into
cron job.

> At any rate, I am looking forward to PDCurses supporting SDL2.  FWIW - I
> am playing with emscripten and PDCurses, and it looks like the latest
> version of the emscripten toolchain only works on libraries which support
> SDL2.  I'd love to see a full-featured SDL2 port with all the goodies in
> the win32a port.

Do you have a table with comparison of win32a port goodies with
everything else?

anatoly t.

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