Hello all,

   I've just posted an update at


   This has a few bug fixes in it,  and adds a makefile for the Intel(R)
compiler.  But the big change is that I'm trying to get things such that
the Win32a changes can be merged back into "mainstream" PDCurses,  and at
least some of its improvements conveyed to other flavors.  (There is,  as
best I can tell,  no real reason for forking here.)  Current progress is
discussed at


   Short version:  the Win32 console,  DOS,  X11,  and SDL1 flavors all
get at least some benefit from the Win32a changes.  I obviously can't
support overlined or struck-out text in DOS or Windows console,  for
example,  and there are limits to how far I've gone with the other
flavors thus far.  However,  the road is now paved for full RGB and
full Unicode support for X11 and SDL.

   Note that I couldn't try out OS/2 or FlexOs.

-- Bill

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