Hello all,

   I've forked the version of PDCurses on Github,  and folded in the
Win32a changes.  It's now at


   It is somewhat modified from the version on my Web site at


   in that I've fixed up the X11 flavor of PDCurses to allow most of
the things the Win32a fork does:  RGB colors,  triple mouse clicks,
overlined and strikeout and dimmed text,  256 colors and 256 color
pairs,  and fullwidth characters.  The X11 flavor now also recognizes
most keys,  such as the "back" and "forward" and "refresh" and such
special keys on some keyboards.  (Almost all my development these
days is in Linux,  so the X11 flavor has become somewhat important
to me.)

   Ideally,  I'd also extend the X11 flavor to have "real" bold and
italic fonts,  programmatic resizing,  "real" blinking text,  and the
ability for the user to choose a font... no promises that I'll get
quite that far,  though.

   I've put in a pull request,  so this may eventually end up in
"mainstream" PDCurses.

   (And on a side note,  my thanks to Laura for the pointer to
CDetect.  It looks like a generally useful tool... probably helpful
with PDCurses,  but definitely useful for some of my own projects.
Anatoly,  I don't know of any "attempt to define standard set for
those #define's and their meaning across compilers",  and I could
see some real problems in doing so.  Which is why I'd think a
CDetect that can figure out what headers,  functions,  etc. are
available on a given system ought to be quite useful.)

-- Bill

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