Larry Colen wrote:

Alan C wrote:
Take a look at this:

Great link. The friend who liked the photo said it looked like a coast
garter snake:

If you go down the page there's a section of snakes with a light dorsal
stripe and a lot of red on the side stripes

like this one:

Larry's "vibrant" version is very close.

My version is indeed punched up a bit past nominal, but not so much
that, to me, it looks screamingly unreal. I wonder if I lost any
vibrancy due to the lights I used. Yesterday noon, it was still under
the plants where I let it go the night before, but by evening, it had
warmed up enough to slither off someplace, so I can't go get him to

Guess who we found today, still in my front yard:

Larry Colen (postbox on min4est)

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