Alan C wrote:
Take a look at this:

Great link. The friend who liked the photo said it looked like a coast garter snake:

If you go down the page there's a section of snakes with a light dorsal stripe and a lot of red on the side stripes

like this one:

Larry's "vibrant" version is very close.

My version is indeed punched up a bit past nominal, but not so much that, to me, it looks screamingly unreal. I wonder if I lost any vibrancy due to the lights I used. Yesterday noon, it was still under the plants where I let it go the night before, but by evening, it had warmed up enough to slither off someplace, so I can't go get him to recompare.

Alan C

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I don't think I've ever seen a garter snake as vibrant as the second
image. I don't know exactly what the subspecies in California looks
like, but probably something between the two based on those snakes in
New England. I like the snake, in the first, but it could use a tiny
boost, while the skull in the second is more dramatic, and shows more
apparent detail.

I guess I'm saying I'd like a more naturalistic snake and more dramatic
skull. (God that sounds like some sort of sexual innuendo).

On 9/22/2016 4:44 AM, Larry Colen wrote:
A friend sent me a note that she really wanted a print of one of my
snake and skull photos for her daughter, so I worked it up and sent
her a copy of the file to print:

She thanked me, and without my asking for it, sent me some money,
which was appreciated. She also mentioned that the unemployed graphic
artist she had sitting around the house had "punched it up" a bit at
her request by using levels. I could see the aesthetics in what they
were going for, but felt that with the proper tools (lightroom
adjustment brush used on the raw file) it could be done a bit better.

This is my version post "making the snake pop more"

in short, I boosted the saturation and a little color balance on the
stripes, and decreased the saturation and tonality of the skull, and
deepened some of the shadows a bit.

I'd appreciate some critique comparing the two versions, which works,
or not, and why.

FWIW, my goal was to make the colors of the snake pop more, but still
have things look reasonably realistic, if not perfectly accurate.

Larry Colen (postbox on min4est)

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