I did a little test - took one file and printed it out three times on my R220 and three times on my R2400, changing the profile from SGRBto ADobe RGB, to Remove profile. within the same printer run, they all look identical to me... but the R2400 prints are simply overall lighter than the R220. Now the R220 only has one black cartridge and the r2400 has 3, as most of you probably know. But you switch out the main Black one when you use matte paper.

I used 50lb Red river stock for this, double sided matte with the matte cartridge in , of course. On the R220 the setting was matte paper heavy weight best photo and photo enhanced. On the R2400 there was a setting choice for double sided matte so I used that.

I haven't got any Red River specific profiles - and from what I'm seeing I don't think it matters...

Looks like either or both printers are simply overriding whatever is stored in the file or it really doesn't matter what profiel one uses and it is all BS, or

both printers are using a profile that is the samebecause I'm in Photoshop Elements 10 when i print and there is something in THAT which is controlling it.

I like some of thecalendar pages as they are on the r220 better than the r2400 and vice versabut it would be nice not to have to fiddle with the files every time I print one calendar page.

any ideas?

off to my daily nap now


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