Rick Womer wrote:
Larry, shooting RAW above 6400 I get noise I can't clean up in LR without 
losing too much detail.

Are you setting the camera at ISO 10k or 25.6k, or are you "underexposing" in 
the camera and pushing at post?

On both of those photos, I had the camera set for Tav. Sometimes, I'll underexpose a bit to preserve highlights. I generally don't like to push too much past 6400 or 8000, but sometimes the results surprise me. I have lost many more photos from too low a shutter speed, or too little depth of field than I have from too high of an ISO.

In any case, my point was that he should experiment with it, and when he has the time to take a second try at the photo, give it a try at the higher ISO because if he's coming from an ist, then he just will not believe what the camera can really do.

In any case, we all have our own limits as to what we'll tolerate in terms of noise. The when I was processing the shot of Jon, my first thought was that the noise on it was a little rough, and I wondered what ISO I was shooting at, I expected 8K not 25K.

As a side bit of internet history, the band he is playing with in that photo, Deth Specula, made internet history by being the first band to broadcast a concert live over the internet.


On Oct 14, 2016, at 6:13 PM, Larry Colen wrote:

Christine Aguila wrote:
Sounds good!  I’ll put your numbers in my contact list.  I’ve sent some 
suggestions via our email thread off list.  Looking forward to meeting you 
guys!  Cheers, Christine
I have instructed John and Jan that they need to try pizza in both New York and 

BTW John, don't forget to push the ISO on your new K-5 way harder than you 
think is possible.  Take a photo at what you think is a reasonable ISO, then 
take it again using the shutter speed and/or aperture that you really want to 
use if only it were possible to get decent photos at ISO 6400 to 16,000.

for example, this was shot at ISO 10,000

This is 25,600

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