I haven't seen foxes here, but our diggers are armadillos.
I am too lazy to get outside at wee hours to see them.
And there are might be someone else who keeps re-digging the same hole in front of the house. (I've sort of given up on closing it back every time.) Other large-scale pests in our yard are deers. A block down the road, people are actively feeding them, so there is a flock that is almost fearless. And they come to chew the roses.

I've finally found a spray ("deers and rabits") that deters the dears.
I am not sure if something like that can also be effective against foxes..


 Malcolm Smith Tue, 18 Oct 2016 11:49:27 -0700 wrote:

The year before last, we had no end of grief with foxes digging up the garden. I bought stuff from a farm shop to repel them - it did the opposite. Since then, I've accepted the damage caused, which has reduced, and taken it as a photo opportunity. One person a few roads away has them at the back door at night, as she has taken to feeding them. That has not gone down well with her neighbours!


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