Igor wrote:

I haven't seen foxes here, but our diggers are armadillos.
I am too lazy to get outside at wee hours to see them.
And there are might be someone else who keeps re-digging the same hole in
front of the house. (I've sort of given up on closing it back every time.)
Other large-scale pests in our yard are deers. A block down the road, people
are actively feeding them, so there is a flock that is almost fearless. And
they come to chew the roses.

I've finally found a spray ("deers and rabits") that deters the dears.
I am not sure if something like that can also be effective against foxes..

Cattle used to graze in Epping Forest ( a few minutes' walk from me) and at
one point we used to have to shift three quarters of a ton of mobile pot
roast out of our garden fairly regularly. I'd love them back now to take
photos of them. We have deer as well, but our lot are very timid and it's
unusual to get anything close up. We used to have loads of rabbits, but the
fox population has dealt with that!

Send your deer over, we have an excess of roses.


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