That's a drag - why are they picking on Calendars?

ann sanfedele wrote:
I'm semi-de lurking for the latest news for those of you who care :-)
a couple of weeks ago the plumbing in my bathroom died to the extent that the bathtub would not drain... this took a couple of days of being invaded by the buildings plumbers and it finally got fixed . Happily, I wsa able to bathe at a neighbor's but it was quite an adventure. Then I thought I had more money than I do -- discovering I had made a $100 mistake in my checking account
after having, in a way, spent some of it...
Next I took a tumble on the subway stairs (fortunately, the second step from the bottom inside the station) and while I didn't break anything and there was a plethoria of millenials surrounding me to help, (new entry for Exaultaion of larks?) I got bruised and hurt my leg to the extent that I'm using a cane and an ace bandage today ... nothing broke. This was all after I took Ashley to the vet - and the good news there is she is in fine shape for an 12 year old but it
was costly to find that out.

Then.... then ... well, read below - I posted this to Facebook but most of you are not there .

"Still in shock from learning yesterday that cafe press (which has about
twenty of my wall calendars for sale) is removing wall calendars from
the list of products they offer. bad enough they have taken "wall
calendar" off the list of products designers for them can select to work
on, but they are gradually removing the CURRENT wall calendars from our
shops and the market place. Adding insult to injury, there was no
warning of this in the form of an alert or announcement - I stumbled on
it when I was going to tweak the wording on the landing page of my shop

The nice thing about having my calendars on cafepress for the past ten
years is that the template is renewed for each new year so someone who
might want to buy an older calendar can do it. The calendar grid is well
designed, straightforward and very user friendly for those who really do
use them (as I do) for keeping track of to do's and did do's in a medium
which is permanent and not subject to viruses, crashes, accidental
deletions. Anyone I told about this so far has simply gasped and in
audio caps said "WHY????" . So, for one thing, if anyone want's to grab
any of these before they are dead it would be appreciated, but it might
be even more helpful, in terms of getting them to drop this bad idea, if
you simply bitched to them about it, or tried to order one of the wall
calendars that have already been suddenly made unavailable.

If you clicked on the /Twelve National Parks, Bouquet or New York
Details/, those are already gone as wall calendars. If any of you (I
know some of you are on cafe press too) have wall calendars up do give
them your input. Please share with anyone you know who has any calendars
by anyone that were produced by cafe press , or would want wall
calendars in the future from anyone and might help to encourage them to
reinstate the wall calendar format . Thanks guys, for reading, this
really shook me up. "

bay photo makes calendars but they cost too much, Lulu is reasonable but they are not for people who actually write on them - as you know if you got the PDML calendars that look pretty but have no real boxes for each day... anyone got any ideas? My self production was a disaster,
too much work, printer problems, virtually little profit.


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