I'm sure it is an economic consideration - I do wonder if when they started to show flex dates on the calendars it threw people (especialy those who actually use wall calendars) off because the date that shows up first is the current month - I know of at least three cases of people ordering my calendars and didnt even think to look at the little box that said what month came first - assuming January.

But not to tell us up front just is wrong . Ive learned today about another site that might work for me in future - I'm looking into it tomorrow when I can call and get a real person on the phone.

fingers crossed

On 8/6/2017 6:11 PM, Mark C wrote:
That's a drag - why are they picking on Calendars?

ann sanfedele wrote:
..... snip snip

"Still in shock from learning yesterday that cafe press (which has about
twenty of my wall calendars for sale) is removing wall calendars from
the list of products they offer. bad enough they have taken "wall
calendar" off the list of products designers for them can select to work
on, but they are gradually removing the CURRENT wall calendars from our
shops and the market place. Adding insult to injury, there was no
warning of this in the form of an alert or announcement - I stumbled on
it when I was going to tweak the wording on the landing page of my shop

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