They knew they were eventually going to lose the land because of rising
property taxes, so they sold most of it to the state to become a park.
They retained a concession to run the attraction as a non-profit
environmental education facility, but it's also under NC State Park rules
(which is why they're so uptight about alcohol on Nature Photography

I think it's pretty slick how they managed to keep the real estate
developers at bay. Now if they could just figure some way to get rid of
that g*&^@#n Sugartop!

IF there was some way to set up to implode it, I'd be willing to pay double
or triple admission just to watch.

On 12/6/2017 11:49, ann sanfedele wrote:
I thought  it was privately owned.. hmmm
but you certainly would know :-)


On 12/6/2017 11:15 AM, Mark Roberts wrote:
David J Brooks wrote:

Skipped this one as i THOUGHT i had not been to a national park, then
remembered to late that GFM is one. Arg
GFM is a state park, not national.

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