Actually the original text is still there, in the code.  It's not displayed correctly if you don't have the Cyrillic fonts installed, or they're not installed to be available to all users and applications.  I don't know why anyone's personal computer would be set up that way, it takes extra effort, but, I've been known to put in extra effort just annoy someone so...

I have them installed to be used with all my applications.  So I see them, but I've never been able to read anything actually written with them.  I have a hard enough time with French Spanish and German, and they're generally written in Latin scripts, and I supposedly took some courses in them, but I couldn't prove it in actual practice.

On 1/8/2018 10:59 AM, Igor PDML-StR wrote:

Same to you, Dan!

I don't know if your family also celebrated the "Old New Year", which is
on January 14, as it came from the Julian calendar, the same way as the
Orthodox Christmas.

The interesting fact is that the Old New Year is celebrated beyond the Eastern European countries, e.g. in Wales, Switzerland, Scotland, and even in North Africa (albeit on January 12 in the latter two regions).
I.e. it goes beyond the areas where Orthodox Church prevails.
For more details:

In Russia (and several other former Soviet Union republics), the school break typically runs from December 31th or 30th, till January 10 or so, depending on the weekend day at the end of it. Many companies also have extended holidays for a comparable period.

BTW, the message came through clearly. And it can be seen in the archive (both):

Mark must be a millennium behind, still running old-fashioned 7-bit (or UTF-8 illiterate) mailserver. ;)



Daniel J. Matyola Sun, 07 Jan 2018 12:17:55 -0800 wrote:

счастливого Рождества

 Daniel J. Matyola Sun, 07 Jan 2018 15:02:16 -0800 wrote:

Interesting that you got the Cyrillic letters, Ann.  Perhaps it was Mark's email that scrubbed them out rather than the PDML Server.

My father's family was Eastern Orthodox. We celebrated Christmas in December with my Mother's family and Christmas in January with my father's family. plus we had my mother's birthday, my father's birthday, and my birthday, all between Dec 10 and Dec 23.  My sister, born on the fourth of July, always felt cheated during the winter holidays.

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