Igor PDML-StR wrote:

>... or rather the photo title.
>While looking at the moon photos of Peter Lik, I've found one
>more photo that I suspect to be fake. Well, not the photo itself, but what
>it claims to be.
>This one is titled "Lunar eclipse". My claim is that it is not an eclipse.
>Rather, it is just one of the lunar phases.
>An eclipse is a shadow of the Earth. So, the dark-light boundary has a
>circular shape, not a straight one as here.
>The straight line is consistent with the light source (sun) being
>on the right, at about 90 degrees.

Also, the shadows in the craters clearly indicate the sun is to the
far right.

At least that one is just a misleading title, rather than an outright
Photoshop fake like the others.

I wish Miserere, a genuine astronomer (he worked at the Minor Planet
Center at Harvard) were still on the PDML. He'd have a laugh over
these fakes.
Mark Roberts - Photography & Multimedia

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