I don't have time to find it right now, but some integer number of years ago (3?) I heard a show on NPR about him and the investment value of his photos.

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Link gone dead.
Found another link, with suggested retail price and all. Interesting bit
of silliness in its own right.
This article from the New York Times has the sad, predictable truth
about the resale value of Peter Lik photos:
That's just such a great read.

Great job by writer David Segal. Thoroughly researched and written
with an understated style that respects the reader's intelligence.
And he gives Mr. Lik enough rope to hoist himself by his own petard,
to mix metaphors ;-)

I'm reminded of this quotation (featured in the 2013 PDML Photo
"If you're buying it to match the sofa it's not art, it's decoration."
— Louise Reilly Sacco, The Museum of Bad Art

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