On 2/11/2018 09:38, Godfrey DiGiorgi wrote:
Yeah, I have more camera bags in the closet than any local store
does. But I bought another recently because none of them worked for
when I ride my bicycle or motorcycle. They all flopped around and
wouldn't stay put on my back where I need them to.

I normally carry just a Leica M and two small lenses, or the Light
L16 these days. And I need the bag for them to be a snug but
protective fit, and to stay put on my back while being easy to get in
and out of for it to be useful when riding my bicycle or motorcycle.

I bought the Peak Design Sling 5L. I've been using it every day for
two weeks now. It works, it does the job well. It's very well made
with sensible pockets. It wasn't overly ridiculously expensive. This
is what I normally have in it when I go for a bicycle ride:

When I swap the Leica kit out for the Light L16, there's lots more
space in the bag and it weighs about a pound less. The L16 is
definitely a really nice shape/size for bicycle carry. When I leave
the iPad home, it again weighs about a pound less. I don't use its
high-tech dividers much; I swap things in and out of it too often to
figure out all the ways to configure them, and there's not much to
jostle and bump around anyway. I have a very tough and 'tiny when
packed down', light Wolverine stuff sack that I keep in it too if I
start a ride when it's cold out and later want to take off the long
cycling pants, over-shirt, and gloves: then I can stuff the Sling 5L
bag and excess clothes into that and it sits on my back in pretty
much the same way (but it's useless to carry camera gear in by
itself, in case you were thinking that … you need to have padding for
the camera gear, if only not to bruise yourself!).

Anyway, I thought you'd like to see this bag. It's pretty nice. It's
getting a lot of use... Anyone want an unused shoulder bag? or five?

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