In my experience, with all digital cameras (DSLRs, P&S's, ...) - the highest realistically (reliably) usable ISO is about 2-4 steps below the maximum one. E.g. with the K5-IIs that has the highest setting of 512,000, the highest I've been using is 6400, while trying not to exceed 3200. Beyond that, you can see the images, but they are too noisy to be usable. I may have pushed to 128,000 1-2 times, but without any valuable outcomes.

So, raising the maximum ISO, raises the range of _usable_ ISOs.
I am sure that several people on this list would appreciate that.
Right Larry? ;-)

And I agree with Bill: if I had a K-1, and was actively using its high-ISO range (as I've been doing for several years previously, but with less capable Pentax DSLRs), I'd considered that upgrade as a very helpful
(and money-saving) option.


jtainter Thu, 22 Feb 2018 09:08:37 -0800 wrote:

I doubt if I'll ever need ISO 819,200 and I will probably never use pixel shift. Is there any other reason to take up this offer?

Also, if I get this new motherboard, will I have to do focus testing again on all of my (many) lenses? Unless the upgrade offers something more than the above, this would be a deal killer.

Thanks to anyone who can answer.


 Bill Thu, 22 Feb 2018 10:21:06 -0800 wrote:

Beats the heck out of using the latest and greatest for nearly two years (the K1 is closer to two years old than one), and then getting to pay another $2K to "upgrade" to the latest and greatest.

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