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> The clip was quite funny showing the guy squeezing his belly in. I wear lycra 
> and I recognise that activity... There's no fool like an old fool, but one of 
> the joys of getting old is you stop giving a shit. A bunch of old guys having 
> some fun and keeping fit(-ish...). Nothing wrong with that.
> The French have a verb 'boudiner' which I always think of when I'm climbing 
> into my lycra. It means to squeeze yourself into clothes that are too tight, 
> and comes from 'boudin', which is a type of sausage…

LOL! The one jersey the store had that I didn't buy was white, with black bars 
in a pattern on the chest, topped with red shoulders. I thought it was a cool 
pattern, but when I put it on and looked in the mirror, all I saw was an 
overstuffed couch pillow. I handed it back and took the black with zig-zag grey 
bars instead.

I mean, there's no need to exaggerate the fact that I'm a fat old bastard, eh? 
It's perfectly obvious at first glance already…  :-)

I thought from all the hysterics of the news and weather report that yesterday 
was supposed to be the second coming of the Deluge. But it turned out to be a 
lovely, slightly overcast, warm, dry day. I did a 19 mile ride on Sumo—testing 
the seat on the new seat post—and a 16 mile ride on the FCC, just digging it 
and getting a cup of coffee. And I could still walk when I got home. Life is 

Since this is a photo list: I fitted the Voigtländer Color-Skopar 28mm f/3.5 
lens to the Leica M-D body. Slides ever so nicely into the Peak Design Everyday 
Sling 5L, along with my iPad Pro 9x7, AirPods, keys, wallet, cycling jersey (in 
case it got chilly), and iPhone 6. Room for another lens too. A near perfect 
"go for a ride" kit: It tucks onto my back, stays put, and is very handy to get 
in an out of. I made a couple of exposures, probably nothing worth posting but 
I look forward to transferring them to the computer and seeing what I did… 

If you're afraid to fall down, you'll never stand up.

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