Earlier today I wrote: 

> Since this is a photo list: I fitted the Voigtländer Color-Skopar 28mm f/3.5 
> lens to the Leica M-D body. Slides ever so nicely into the Peak Design 
> Everyday Sling 5L, along with my iPad Pro 9x7, AirPods, keys, wallet, cycling 
> jersey (in case it got chilly), and iPhone 6. Room for another lens too. A 
> near perfect "go for a ride" kit: It tucks onto my back, stays put, and is 
> very handy to get in an out of. I made a couple of exposures, probably 
> nothing worth posting but I look forward to transferring them to the computer 
> and seeing what I did… 

Well, actually … 
From yesterday's coffee run bicycle ride I found these two exposures that I 



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