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On 4/9/2018 2:05 AM, Henk Terhell wrote:
Gonz, I entirely agree with you.
Ever since I owned the K-1 I am looking for a wide angle lens for landscape work, preferably as a prime. Something in the range of 20 or 24 mm. But there is nothing in the line of Pentax except the FA 15-30/2.8 which is about the price of the K-1 itself. I'm glad to still own an old Sigma 24/2.8 macro which is doing fairly well except for flare. A few months ago I bought a very cheap old Cosina MC 19-35 /3.5-4.6 to get a bit wider. I know there are some TP manual wide angle lenses being offered (Samyang, Venus, Irix) but going back to all manual is not the way I want. Further I wonder who will be interested in another 50 mm lens except a few 50 collectors. There are still plenty of 50/2.8 macro and FA 50/F1.4 around to do the job, and I doubt whether the new 50 will beat my Pentax F 50/2.8 macro on sharpness.

One can justify the new 50mm on the basis it's the standard lens for the format, which makes it a logical starting point.

The other option is to throw darts at a board blindfolded and decide by luck what order to release lenses in.

You want a wide angle, so they release a 24mm first, except you really want a 20mm, so you aren't happy, and the people who want something longer aren't happy either. They release an 85mm first, and all the people who want something shorter aren't happy.
And let's not forget those photographers who want a 105mm or 135mm.
Gotta keep them happy, and on and on.

It doesn't matter what they release first, they are going to tick of some people who take it as a personal insult that their pet focal length wasn't the one drawn out of the hat.

There are some focal lengths that are no brainer must haves in a lens system. Ricoh's failing was not releasing half a dozen primes concurrent with the K1. Instead they gamely attempted to be all things to all people by releasing 3 bloated zooms covering a very wide range, and in the process satisfied almost no one.

As an aside, your 50/2.8 may well be a very good lens, but I bet the new 50 will be better at f/1.4 than your 50/2.8


You may be right as to pentax decisions, but for ff there is now by pentax a 50, a 77, and a 100 (macro) but nothing at all in the wide angle prime range below 35.

By the way, I use my 50/2.8 macro a lot but can't recall I used it wide open. I now use my 50/1.4 only rarely in a theater.


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