I think that the reason the K3 sells for more than the K3II is the pop up flash.  It can be very convenient, and while GPS which replaces it would be very useful in a number of applications, it really isn't that important in most shooting situations, whereas when you need a little extra light, you definitely need a little extra light.  In most every other way the K3II looks like the superior body.

Modern lubricants shouldn't be causing the the erratic behavior in drive speed, which is what used to be what causes cameras sitting in boxes to stiffen up over time.  If it did you'd probably also notice serious exposure problems.  I expect something else is happening.

Silly question, did you upgrade the "new" cameras to the latest firmware?

On 4/9/2018 11:05 AM, Jack Davis wrote:
Anyone using the Pentax K3ll? Have you used "H" burst rate setting in AFC? If 
so, what do you think of the

frame rate. Sluggish and irregular or aggressive and crisp?

I regularly use TAv setting with a 2000 to 2500 shutter and, of course, Auto 
ISO. I just wore out my K3 and

am attempting to replace it with another. I've received two replacement K3's. 
Returned the initial replacement

due to a sluggish and slow AFC frame rate and am now considering doing the same 
with it's replacement.

I see the date 2013 in the K3 literature and can imagine their getting old and 
stiff for having sat around in

boxes for 4 or 5 years.

I see the K3 is priced slightly higher than the newer K3ll. Obviously wondering 
why that is.

My question is, have you used the described high speed shutter setting and care 
to let me know what you think

about it.



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